About Us

Image PR Boutique is a vibrant and creative firm that prides itself on “Influencing Monumental Accomplishments while Gifting Excellence.” This is produced first by focusing on the client’s needs and success as delivering powerful results is our number one goal. Founded in 2013 in Atlanta, GA, Image PR Boutique takes TV Personalities, Artist, DJs, Non-Profit Organizations, and Authors and ensures the client’s narrative is brought to life and positioned correctly in front of their target audience in a strategic manner for monumental co results. The company also has produced influential industry events during SXSW, Super Bowl Weekend, and NBA Draft Weekend. Our dedication to our clients has not gone unnoticed as we have been able to build key partnerships through our work with some of the industry’s most dominant dignitaries which align to our growth.

Our firm is currently based out of Phoenix, AZ, with remote offices in Atlanta, GA,  Houston, TX, and New York.

We glorify our company core values:

Positive influential advice and direction will be given at all times!

M- Monumental
We strive to make sure that our team is doing the impossible so that our clients can make monumental moves!

We exalt for successful accomplishments. Dedication to the development of your professional and personal goals is what we are looking to accomplish!

100% of our teams skills and abilities will always be put in any project for our clients. We strive for excellence, using our gifts to help our clients exceed at using their gift!

Is the quality of being outstanding our extremely good. Excellence is what we commit to while building powerful partnerships!

Influencing Monumental Accomplishments while Gifting Excellence

Meet the Team

Ali Washington

Ali Washington

Founder, CEO

She lives by her very own words of wisdom:  “Build Relationships and Not Just Contacts.”

Amanda Shepherd

Amanda Shepherd

SVP of Marketing

She lives by: “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.”

Brittany 'BritBrat' Baxter

Brittany 'BritBrat' Baxter

SVP of Brand Development

She lives by: “Your thoughts become your actions. Your actions become your destiny.”