Client Etiquette Policy

Due to the number of projects and calls Image PR Boutique receives daily, we designated “Client Check-In” days. Image PR Boutique requires that every client adheres to the Client Etiquette Policy. This is to give everyone the attention they deserve and staff time to develop and finish projects on time, effectively, and efficiently. Clients that do not abide by the Client Etiquette Policy can result in termination of the contract and incomplete projects/materials. In this instance, NO refund will be given.

Rules and Policy Guidelines:

  • Clients are to only use our office phone numbers for any service or business being conducted by Image PR Boutique which can be found in this welcome package, on our website and in your online client portal.
  • Image PR Boutique or any affiliate of Image PR Boutique is to conduct all written communication via email or your online client portal.
  • Image PR Boutique office and staff phone numbers should only receive texts during an offside event or gathering.
  • Clients should not contact Image PR Boutique staff on personal numbers, email or social media (private messages).
  • Business hours for Image PR Boutique are 7am-7pmArizona MST time. We do not offer crisis management, so any communication outside of those business hours will be answered the next business day.
  • Clients are not to discuss contract and payments with anyone outside of Image PR Boutique, Legal Counsel and/or Certified Personal Accountants (CPA).

Contract terms and Conditions

Image PR Boutique contracts are bases upon 6 or 12 month campaigns. Once a consultation has been fulfilled and you have decided to move forward with our services, a proposal, invoice and contact will be sent over for your review. We allot 48 business hours for review of the agreement and process payment for your first month of service. Contracts are a binding agreement and can be subject to change with 30 day notice to the client.


With each contract, a deposit equal to one month of service will be required, before services are rendered. We like to position this similar first and last month rent; just a security measure. We provide you the option of paying online, by directly clicking on the pay now button within the invoice. As of this moment we do not accept checks, ACH checks, or cash payments. Clients who are on a monthly retainer have the option of requesting auto-pay, please let us know if this option interests you. We provide a 3 day grace period, on the 4th day you will be assessed a $50 late fee, and anything after that will be charged $10 per each day your payment is late. Clients who are on retained contracts; invoices are sent (via email) on the 25th of each month and are due on the 1st.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Image PR Boutique has a strict restrictions on refunds and cancellations when services have been rendered. Depending on the factors and nature of your cancellation and request of a refund, the company requires 30 business days to review conditions on a case-by-case basis. Notification via email will allow you to get an update on the status of your request. Requests can be sent to